Advances in Laser Ablation U-Pb Carbonate Geochronology

Workshop @Goldschmidt, Barcelona, 17-18th August 2019


Recent advances in laser ablation carbonate U-Pb geochronology have opened up the possibilities for providing timing constraints to a range of previously ‘undateable’ geological materials and processes. These include applications to a variety of geological settings, including, sedimentary deposition and diagenesis, hydrothermal mineralization, pedogenesis, paleohydrology and brittle deformation. The goal of this workshop is twofold: first, to share experiences in analysis, application and interpretation, and second, to review, update, and discuss best practice for laser ablation carbonate U-Pb geochronology methods. The workshop will cover subjects through the entire workflow, including: sample selection and preparation, imaging techniques, instrumentation and protocols, carbonate reference materials, data reduction and corrections, and age interpretation. The workshop will also highlight developments in complimentary analyses such as stable and clumped isotope geochemistry, trace element composition, fluid inclusions, and strain analysis, and will include discussion of key issues within the application to timing of geological events and processes. This workshop will provide a platform for community discussion of best practice and future avenues for carbonate geochronology. Many issues relating to carbonate dating are equally applicable to other common-lead bearing minerals. It is intended that the workshop will be useful to a spectrum of scientists, from those collecting and interpreting data, to those who are interested in applying the method for the first time. The workshop is affiliated with the LA-ICP-MS U-Pb Network ( and the EARTHTIME community initiative (

The workshop will be spread over two days, with an optional dinner in the city arranged for the Saturday evening. Sessions on Saturday will introduce the method and cover key aspects of its application and the major progress made in the last few years. A poster session following the introductory talks, supplemented by nano-talks, will allow the attendees to present case studies, discuss issues with their data, and highlight the multitude of applications of this method. The workshop will continue on Sunday, with further discussion of general topics relating to samples and to applications, and moving on to more detailed discussion on issues surrounding data collection, reduction and presentation. Sunday’s format will involve a number of sub-themes that are introduced and chaired by the organisers along with invited key members of the community.

Thanks to our generous sponsors, the price is heavily reduced: 60 Euros (full) and 30 Euros (student).

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